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Choose your GPS navigation system that best suits your needs.

Find the best routes for your truck depending on their size, weight, load and speed thanks to NavionTruck Size™.

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Find the most exciting roads with curves and avoid boring roads.

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Start enjoying your trip leading to their favorite places to find thanks to NavionTruck Places™.

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Caravan and Motorhome

Find custom points of interest, such as campgrounds, beaches, service areas... All you need in your travels this in NavionTruck Places™.

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The most interesting points of interest trips for your customers available NavionTruck Places™.

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All you need on your travels , at your fingertips. Easy, Comfortable, Intuitive...

NavionTruck Places™

Our GPS Navigators with poi companies of all types, storage of fruit and vegetables, areas of loading and unloading, markets, industrial parks, parking lots and gas stations for trucks, all the information you need to get straight to the door of the company what are you looking for.

NavionTruck Size™

The NavionTruck GPS for truck, bus and car caravan caravan have the control system measures and most advanced weight to avoid roads, bridges, narrow tunnels or too low where entry is not permitted to large vehicles. You can also choose the type of goods ADR (dangerous goods) if your vehicle is a truck.

NavionTruck Speedcam™

Avoid fines thanks to our comprehensive, accurate and our updates from de data base of the speed radars. Our alert systeem trough voice warn you to reduce the speed with information trough screen of the maximum speed in which you can circulate. Available for the vast mayority of maps of the countries.

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Our App supports all major operating systems of the moment . Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows CE
You can download it directly from our online store or shop applications.

Our App available to the operating system most widely used at the time. Discover all our versions depending on your vehicle and try it free downloading in the Play Store.

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Windows CE

If you have a GPS PNA or any brand with Windows CE, you are lucky, you can now download our application and test free.

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Our App now available in Apple App Store. Discover all our versions and try it free.

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