How does work our tracking system?

Manage your vehicle fleet, merchandise or personnel and ensures at all times the current state of your goods.

- Functions including -

GPS location

Rrecise location with 10 meters of error to the object's location by coordinates and automatic update set time.


Online display with its own platform with Google and Bing maps worldwide through PC, Tablet or Smartphone with an Internet connection.

Automatic Alerts

Automatic reports via email and SMS State of the devices with advanced output setting perimeter and maximum speed setting.

Racking services GPS Geo Connect™

Discover our platform and its wide range of satellite tracking services.

NavionTruck Client™

Our system Client™ allows you to track any Android or iOS mobile device. This product is recommended for the positions and routes of a fleet of vehicles such as taxis or trucks with GPS navigators with respective operating systems or be informed of the movements of workers in your company through mobile phones. Ideal to keep people with problems or perform espionage.

NavionTruck Web Fleet™

A product specially designed for vehicle fleets. NavionTruck Web Fleet™ gives you speed reports, dates and locations for real-time view of your entire fleet of vehicles with regular updates set time. You can manage your entire fleet from your PC, mobile phone or tablet with a modern, easy and intuitive interface. All reports can download them in CSV and GPX files.

NavionTruck Monitor™

A specially developed and implemented for our tracking devices and fleet spy function, with which you can hear everything that happens around the device, just make a phone call to the pager, it will automatically go off hook and captured the ambient sound you around the device.

NavionTruck Perimeter™

This system allows you to adjust the meter line, circle or set to receive alerts when they have exceeded the meters field, it can be used for many fields, from fleet tracking for vehicles of all kinds, tracking of goods and personal level.

NavionTruck Reporter™

Our system Reporter™ offers the possibility of receiving notifications by e-mail all the important movements accurately. You can configure notifications as to whether workers in your fleet or your vehicle drivers exceed speed and perimeters established.

NavionTruck FuelStop™

The FuelStop™ implemented in our tracking systems Navion Tracker Fleet and Navion Tracker Car feature lets you lock the vehicle from anywhere in the world with only send an SMS, just as you can reactivate the system to operate the vehicle returns to normal.