Committed to what matters

We know how important climate responsibility is for all of us, we only have one planet and there is no second chance.

The whole team at NavionTruck has been working hard for a long time to do our bit to help reverse our planet’s poor climate situation, so we are working to ensure that every single one of our products meets environmental standards.

We want to eliminate plastic completely from all our products and have already started to eliminate single-use plastics such as cable bags and chargers.

Our next step is to produce our GPS navigators with plastic substitutes, our goal is already very close, having found the ideal substitute to be able to do so.

We plant a tree for every product we sell

Since 2019 we aim to reduce the carbon footprint of our products and that of our customers, so every time we sell a product, at NavionTruck we plant a tree with the name of the customer who made the purchase.

We have worked very hard to make the process 100% automatic. When the customer buys from any of the NavionTruck websites and the package is delivered to the customer, we issue a planting order to our partner Ecologi, automatically the customer receives an email message with the coordinates and the place where we are going to plant the tree.

Ecologi then gets to work and plants the tree on behalf of the client and this tree can be seen in our tree field. It sounds like an easy process but it has taken us months to prepare everything.

Finding a trustworthy and committed partner who will comply with the agreement to plant the trees with the name of each client. To set up an automated system so that our Partner receives the planting orders when a purchase is made on our sites. Everything else we owe to Ecologi, for their fantastic idea and how easy they have made it, so that all the processes are fulfilled.

At the moment we are planting trees in Kenya, Madagascar, Uganda, Mozambique and we contribute to many other projects such as efficient transport and renewable energy.

With our NavionTruck expansion model and the sales of products from all brands in the group, we aim to plant 2 million trees by the end of 2023.

Are you joining the challenge?

You too can help us achieve our goal by contributing to planting from our tree field.

Social commitment

Transport is suffering some of the worst times in its history, with the profession of professional haulier being one of the hardest hit jobs.

It has been some time since lorry drivers were treated as heroes, we have forgotten all the time they have been circulating on our roads working without rest, even extending their driving hours so that supermarket shelves would not be empty, without a place to stop or rest and being marginalised in many logistics centres where they were and are forced to carry out unpaid work.

The rise in fuel prices and the increase in the price of basic necessities has made the situation of the haulier unsustainable, especially when we consider that 80% of the national fleet are self-employed hauliers.

At NavionTruck we support the professional transport profession by empowering and helping to dignify the profession. We are creating tools and giving more visibility to the profession so that the new generations find an interesting alternative to work, so that very soon it will be one of the most respected professions in the labour market and a well-paid profession as it was in the past.

The transport profession is one of the most important in our economy, taking care of it and respecting it is of vital importance, let’s not forget that every product that passes through our hands: medicine, clothes, food… at some point was transported by a lorry driver.

Let us care for and support what really matters.